Our Brand

Ayesha Accessories is a vibrant and fast expanding brand. We pride ourselves on making the the best of global fashion available to all girls, women, kids and men across India. Ayesha takes the leading edge in fashion and brings you fun and whole lot of newness every season! After all Ayesha is the one-stop-shop for fun & fantabulous fashion accessory essentials. 

We strive to empower our customers to confidently express themselves through our accessories. We offer products that are affordable and aspirational for girls, women, men and kids. Our product range includes jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, bags, hair accessories, and lots of other fantabulous essentials. With our accessories you can transform your outfits and express your inner mood. Our dynamic range includes funky International and Indian trends, cute accessories for kids, cool styles for men, and sophisticated, designer jewelry for women.

We want our accessories to emphasize not just a woman’s beauty, but her confidence, self-love, and compassion. Because of this core philosophy, we have created a separate range called Project Girl Power that highlights these values through it’s designs. We also support various women’s and kids’ organizations, work with disadvantaged local craft women and more.

Our Story

Ayesha Accessories was founded in 2009 by mother-daughter duo Jacqueline and Ayesha Kapur.

The fashion industry in India had long struggled with the challenge of balancing traditional Indian sensibilities with the burgeoning presence of International trends and products. Fashion accessories have only recently been introduced into the formal retail market. The modern woman needs accessories that reflect both her Indian heritage and her global mindset, and that can pair with a wide variety of settings and clothing styles.

Ayesha Accessories is an innovative home-grown brand based out of Pondicherry which brings the best of international style and quality in accessories to the Indian market, all with a nuance of Indian sensibilities. Ayesha was one of the first brands to transition fashion accessories from the informal street markets to curated collections in exclusive shops and department stores, while maintaining the same affordable prices. Today, the name Ayesha resonates with young women all across India and remains the only Indian brand in the fashion accessories market, which offers Western, Ethnic and cross-over styles.

The idea for Ayesha Accessories sprang from the success of a small jewellery counter which Jacqueline Kapur had developed and curated in their Pondicherry department store, Casablanca. Little Ayesha had just shot to stardom with her Bollywood movie Black, and so she proved quintessential as the face of the company, giving her youthful and less business-minded input regarding trends ever since. Together, Jacqueline and her daughter Ayesha envisioned an accessory brand that was empowering, fashion-forward and incorporated international and Indian sensibilities.


Founder and President Jacqueline Kapur is a German-born businesswoman who has been working in the Indian fashion accessory industry for more than 30 years. She has gained a keen understanding of the Indian retail industry while still remaining closely aligned with the international fashion market.
Ayesha Kapur of Bollywood fame has been the face of the brand and epitomizes Ayesha's target customer. Together, they have developed a dynamic and deeply invested corporate team. Ayesha Accessories now has more than 80 offline points of sales and is present on all major E-commerce websites.

Our Products

Ayesha (tag line: Aim for the stars) offers a wide selection of products for young women in the teen to young adult age range that reflect Indo-western trends with bold colors and funky designs. These products include jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, bags, hair accessories and other essentials for the modern girl.

Unknown (tag line: Be your own hero) is the male counterpart to Ayesha, offering a rugged masculine collection of accessories ranging from eyewear to leather jewelry, hats and scarves for the young Indian man.

Lil' Star (tag line: Shine on) provides cute accessories for kids like jewelry, hats, bags, eye wear and hair accessories.

JQ (tag line: You are beautiful) caters to the elegant, slightly more affluent, established modern women with a collection of designer accessories and casual luxury, with jewellery handcrafted in Jaipur and scarves woven in Varanasi.

Project Girl Power (PGP) campaign, key to the soul of Ayesha, encapsulates Ayesha’s ethos of empowerment. Being a strongly women-oriented brand run by independent women, we started PGP to provide a spirited line of fashion accessories with a voice. Building upon the strong messages of women's empowerment in social media, PGP aims to inspire new thought patterns of self-confidence and self-love in girls and women across India in a bright and fashionable manner.


Our Journey

Ayesha Fashion Private Limited was incorporated in June 2010 in Pondicherry by Jacqueline Kapur. Ayesha Accessories has only begun to tap the market with its current exclusive brand outlets (EBO), Multi-brand outlets (MBO), and online presence. Yet Ayesha has already built a strong foundation in the Indian accessories market through its strong brand recognition and can expand to meet the growing demand for fashion accessories through location wise expansion an increased product line and a massive expansion in the online market.

We had our first EBO in 2010 & our first MBO in 2011. We reached 10 EBOs in the span of one year and eventually entered e-commerce the following year. By 2012, we reached 20 points of sales, 50K loyalty members & 100K followers on Facebook. By 2015, we had already launched our sub-brands Lil’ Star, Unknown and Project Girl Power. In 2017, Ayesha won it’s first Indian Retail Award.

With a modest beginning as a glass kiosk in an Ahmedabad mall, Ayesha has now expanded to more than 80 points of sales across India, including e-commerce presence in Myntra, Nykaa, Nykaa Fashion, Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Shoppers Stop & it’s own website.


Ayesha now has exclusive stores at present in :

• Ahmedabad • Amritsar • Bangalore • Bhubaneswar • Chennai • Cochin • Gurgaon • Guwahati • Hyderabad • Kolkata • Lucknow • Mumbai • Nagpur • Nasik • New Delhi • Patna • Pondicherry • Pune • Trivandrum • Vadodara • Vishakhapatnam

Ayesha is also available through shop-in-shops at Shoppers Stops and Centrals.

Our Values & Ideals

Ayesha aims to present the finest international fashion accessory trends for the Indian youth. Our mission is to be the top brand for fashion accessories with up to 500 retail points across India and a strong online presence with an emphasis on building a community of strong empowered, discerning young women.

Ayesha’s products are aspirational yet affordable. With a whole range of trendy western and classic ethnic accessories for girls, boys, kids and the elegant woman, we competitively price our merchandise in line with our customer’s budget, offering regular discounts both on our e-commerce platforms and our offline selling points.

Ayesha is very glocal & international, yet strongly based in it’s Indian roots. The brand’s core identity of Indo-Cosmopolitan style inspired designs, creative graphic design and a fun, empowering brand voice are all key characteristics that create a competitive advantage, by offering something unique for the millennial target customer.

Ayesha takes its Girl Power message very seriously and has created a program to promote and financially support the education of girls in a village near Auroville. This effort has also expanded to a school for differently abled, special needs students in Pondicherry. The next step to expand this program to the national level is underway. We believe in promoting the value of education among women. “Ayesha gives back Program” will aim at helping women to attend school for the full academic year. Ayesha customers are given the opportunity to donate the change on their bill to this fund and the amount will be matched by Ayesha.

We had recently collaborated with a group of women in South India who make beautiful hand-stitched brocade bags, as part of an initiative to employ disadvantaged women in need of work for our Valentine’s Day campaign. Ayesha also plans to curate and manufacture a special collection with underprivileged women's' organizations, or the gypsy community across South India give them a platform to showcase their creativity and market the products.

Our Design Motto

Ayesha uses bold colors and eye-catching materials to create a collection that reflects the latest international, ethnic and crossover trends.

Lil’ star, the products are fun, young, colorful and cute. Unknown, products exhibit a rugged masculine look, with rough leather and metal finishes. JQ, products are elegant and timeless and handcrafted in India. Project Girl Power, the accessories boldly display the message of empowerment.


Being home-grown, the design strategy is also sensitive to regional variations across the country. What, for instance, sells or is popular in Delhi may not work for Chennai. The Northeast has a vastly different fashion inclination than the rest of India. So, these factors do go into the conceptualization, built on initial research.

Our Community

The millennial age group, comprised of those born between 1980 and 2000, and Gen Z, covering those born after 2000, represent a major force within India today. The millennial population in India stands over 426 million, making them 34% of the population and 47% of the workforce. As India’s chief wage earners and biggest spenders, this Internet savvy and often digital native demographic can also be reached in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. With its multiple sub-brands, Ayesha Accessories is able to target several market segments from among the urban demographics who demonstrate increasing spending power.

Ayesha Accessories targets the urban, global-minded millennials and Gen Z’ers who have enough disposable income to indulge in fashion accessories. In fact, millennials have been estimated to spend 6% of their income on accessories, with less focus on functionality and more emphasis on the brand. Ayesha addresses them through its strong presence in the malls of Tier 1 cities, major MBOs, and all the major e-commerce platforms.


Ayesha is one of the few companies that has a strong online as well as offline presence in the accessories market, offering a complete range for young women, men, kids and financially independent women. Ayesha receives regular publicity in the media. In print, it appears consistently in regional and national newspapers, as well as in key fashion magazines as Vogue, Femina, Cosmopolitan, and GQ. Online, the brand is well-represented through brand stories and product placements in blogs, style guides, e-mags, and fashion websites. Ayesha organizes meets where bloggers and stylists are invited to come see new collections and review the shops. Ayesha generated 9,00,00,000 crore worth of free coverage since 2011-2018.

Ayesha has a fun and eye-catching presence on social media, with regular postings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest about new-in products, style posts, interacting with customers, responding to their comments and enquiries. To date, Ayesha has 300K followers on Facebook and 21K followers on Instagram. All Ayesha’s followers were organically acquired and produced results through interesting posts, collaborations with social influencers, giveaways and contests.

Ayesha partners with colleges, music festivals, cultural organization, and malls to participate in special events, with examples such as the Spoken Festival in Bombay, Pinkathon, IIT Madras, St. Xavier’s in Bombay, and Symbiosis in Pune.

The Ayesha Tribe, a loyalty program which offers special discounts as well as updates on collections and special events, reaches out to a database of 100K young customers.

Our Awards

Ayesha Accessories has won multiple awards throughout the years:

  • Awarded “Most Admired Retailer of the Year” in 2017 & 2018, for the fashion accessories category, by India Retail Forum.
  • Awarded “Most Admired Retailer for North India 2018” for the fashion accessories category, by India Retail Forum.
  • Awarded “Fashion Accessories Retailer of the Year” in 2017 & 2018, by Franchise India.
  • Awarded “Images Most Admired Solox Fashion Professional of the Year”
  • Awarded “Star Retailer” for Excellence in Retailing of the Year 2018.
  • Nominated for the “Special Concept Award” for the Girl Power campaign, by India Retail Forum.